• Mixahulababy #8

    Naked Lunch – “Colours” Matt & Kim – “Yeah Yeah” Campaign for Real Time – “Adjustments” The Softlightes – “Heart Made Of Sound” The Broken West – “Down in the Valley” Benni Hemm Hemm – “Skvavars” Fujiya & Miyagi – “Electro Karaoke in the Negative Style” Laurel Music – “The Way Love Goes”

  • Mixahulababy #7

    Menomena – “E is Stable” Fujiya & Miyagi – “Photocopier” Bee And Flower – “Don’t Say Don’t Worry” Final Fantasy – “This Lamb Sells Condos” Goldrush – “Let You Down” !!! – “Hearts Of Hearts” QR 5 -“Revisited Gone” Golem – “Warsaw is Khelm”

  • Mixahulababy #6

    Thee More Shallows – “Freshman Thesis” Beirut – “Elephant Gun” Jeremy Enigk – “Been Here Before” Musika77 – “Maja” Rob & The Pinhole Stars – “Neighbours” I Am Bones – “Building Hospitals (demo)” José González – “Stay in the Shade” (läßt sich leider nicht streamen)

  • Mixahulababy #5

    Apes And Androids – “Hot Kathy” Scissors for Lefty – “Ghetto Ways” Shitake Monkey – “Maybe Lady” Nixion Golden – “White Skull” The Aquabats – “Fashion Zombies” Kunek – “Com” Escimos – “Flashlights” LadyBoy – “Mountain”

  • Mixahulababy #4

    Hello Saferide – “High School Stalker” Mayapple Weather – “The World Called Today, They Sounded Pissed” Colophon – “Towers in Sleep” Jab Mica Och El – “Pull Up If I Pull Up” The Receiver – “In Tunnels” Zedster – “Frezh and Funky” Plazmatikon – “Oddechy”

  • Mixahulababy #3

    Loveninjas – “Keep Your Love” Airliner – “Everything That’s You” Joemca – “Strangers” Edson – “When The Mind Suffers, The Body Cries Out” Mutt Ramon – “ANOther XMas” Architecture in Helsinki – “Wishbone (Franc Tetas Remix)” The Pipettes – “The Burning Ambition of Early Diuretics”

  • Mixahulababy #2

    AM/FM – “A Best Man (put my girlfriend on fire)” The Drones – “Jezebel” Inner Banks – “Anthem” Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – “Oregon Girl” Come To Dolly – “The Ascention” Over The Atlantic – “Starsign”

  • Mixahulababy #1

    Hier gab’s ja schon lange keine MP3-Liste mehr. Na sowas. Das kann ich so nicht aktzeptieren. Demnächst (vielleicht) wieder etwas häufiger. Aber auf jeden Fall unregelmäßig. Und versprechen tu ich nix. Systems Officer – “Signature Red” Man Man – “Black Mission Goggles” Art Brut – “Fight” Mixel Pixel – “Switchblade Sister” Jonezetta – “Get Ready…