Das bessere iTunes-Telefon

better rokr
Nur mal so zur Information, wie man momentan technisch einen Hybriden aus MP3-Player und Mobiltelefon gestalten kann (unabhängig vom Mobilfunkbetreiber):
Soon after Apple unveiled the new ROKR, Japan’s Vodafone KK announced the October release of the Toshiba 803T MP3 phone. The handset plays music downloaded over-the-air via Vodafone Live, or directly from memory cards. When closed, the phone functions as a standalone MP3 player, and offers a 1.3-inch sub-screen that displays details like artist name and song title. Player controls are on the face, making playback easy, and music can also be played while surfing the web and checking email. The phone also sports a 2.6 mega pixel camera, built-in stereo speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. Vodafone KK is a subsidiary of UK-based Vodafone.via: Digital Musc News

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