links for 2009-12-02

  • 14.02.2010 Hamburg / Knust
    19.02.2010 Köln / Gebäude 9
    21.02.2010 München / Atomic Café
    22.02.2010 Berlin / Lido
  • Der legendäre Plattenspieler von Panasonic Technics, der SL-1200, wird doch weiter gebaut. Alles ein Missverständnis und wohl ein Kommunikationsproblem, wie die Seite houseplanet.dj heute meldet.
  • "If [the reunion] is enjoyable for us, I think…we'll make some more music. We're just going to see how it goes. [But] if I was a fan of the band, I'd want to hear some new music."
  • 2010 is shaping up to be an exciting year for new material, and you can add Hot Chip's forthcoming album to that list. One Life Stand, the new record is due on February 9th, with the title track available for stream on their Myspace right now. It's another bright, bouncy synth track from the group.

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