Links vom 10.03.2009

  • 16 Great Music Add-Ons for Firefox
    There are numerous FirefoxFirefox reviewsFirefox reviews add-ons to help enhance your music listening experience. From those that enable you to control your online or desktop media player, to tools to help you fill in gaps in your album art collection, or tweet your current song to your TwitterTwitter reviewsTwitter reviews followers, here are 16 great Firefox music add-ons to get your groove on.
  • Youtube UK sperrt Musikvideos
    Wie die BBC berichtet, hat sich Google dazu entschieden, im Lizenzgebühren-Streit mit der britischen Verwertungsgesellschaft PRS (Performing Right Society), härtere Geschütze aufzufahren. Seit gestern Abend werden nach und nach alle Musikvideos – die BBC spricht von Premium-Videos, der Google Watchblog meint auch nutzergenerierte Videos, in denen lizenzpflichtige Musik enthalten ist, wären betroffen – gesperrt.
  • Old People Review Animal Collective and Young Jeezy
    “Breakfast At Sulimays” as I soon found out is a music review series that turns three elderly residents of Fishtown, Philadelphia into music critics while breaking bread at Sulimays – the local diner. For the latest episode the critical triumvirate are Ann, Joe and Bill and their songs for review are Animal Collective’s “My Girls” and Young Jeezy’s “Black Dreams” which according to Bill (or is it Joe?) has undone, in one song, everything the black race has accomplished thus far.