Links vom 27.02.2009

  • How To Kill The Music Industry
    What is happening now – the decline of music profits and the piracy witch hunt by the music industry – is merely the panicked struggle of a dying business model, a complacent industry’s refusal to accept its diminishing role in a digital world. The pirates are not the reason, and the decline is the not the disease. It is the cure.
  • hypebot: RIAA Cuts May Be Far Deeper Than Reported
    It is about 90-100+ people across the US and global offices – anti-piracy, coordinated IFPI/BPI etc – trust me it’s a bloodbath…[…] (The) RIAA as you know it is probably history by Tuesday of next week, a formal announcement is being drafted for drop next week.
  • Albumstream: Black Lips – 200 Million Thousand
  • Two-Thirds of Music Consumers Are Still CD-Only
    According to NPD’s research, two-thirds of music consumers buy only CDs, and there are two to three times more CD buyers than consumers of paid downloads plus tickets plus merchandise. In fact, Crupnick said the dominant ways of listening to music is still with AM/FM radio and CDs NOT being played on a computer.


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