Los Campesinos! – I Broke Up In Amarante

Vor über neun Jahren präsentierte ich hier zum ersten Mal einen Song der Los Campesinos!, und zwar das nach wie vor großartige You! Me! Dancing!. Seitdem habe ich dir die Waliser regelmäßig ans Herz gelegt.

Im Februar erscheint ihr sechstes Album Sick Scenes, und ich habe hier die erste Single daraus. I Broke Up In Amarante ist ein klassischer Los Campesinos!-Song, und das meine ich positiv.

The song’s about battling with bad mental health

Gareth: “The song’s about battling with bad mental health, trying to comfort and reason with yourself over something you can’t control. Specifically it’s about how my main coping mechanism was to keep myself constantly drunk in the blistering heat of Amarante while being failed by a largely terrible international football tournament.”

I found a home away from home as I broke up in Amarante
In the Campo do Carvalhal centre circle every day
Erratic kamikaze, I copiloted the swift
Dreamt I’m anchoring that midfield, like the anchor in my midriff

I drifted through a month alone as I broke up in Amarante
Nursed a two beer buzz for four whole weeks because it’s the only way to feel sane
The newspaper front on the counter top emblazoned spot kick miss
I couldn’t even hum in your mother tongue, just a thumbs down and raspberry kiss

(It seems unfair) To be a rotten horn of plenty
(It seems unfair) To be cadaver for a curse
(It seems unfair) To be an overflow for empty
(It seems unfair) To try your best but feel the worst

I threw an empty bottle from way up, it thudded into the maw
Truth be told I spent the afternoon, and I threw fifteen more
I’m woken by a honking horn, hungover, spread-eagle
Strength between the clicking crickets’ knees enough to crush my skull

You really can’t complain, it’s just a holiday
You fill a wall chart out, thirty-one days away

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