Radiohead in da Remix

Amplive, the Oakland-based DJ/producer who makes beats for Akon among others, remixed Radiohead’s In Rainbows for an upcoming remix album called Raindayz Remixes. His publicist he’ll post the results on January 10th, when it will be available free to anyone who downloaded paid for the original In Rainbows album. In order to download the free zip file containing the remixes as 320 Kbps MP3s, users need only forward an email receipt from their In Rainbows (or, apparently, any other email from w.a.s.t.e.) purchase to amplive (at) The album will be free, according to the announcement, because “what’s important to Amplive is to reward the support of Radiohead.”

Wie es klingt, wenn jemand Hip Hop-Beats über Thom Yorks zerbrechliche Stimme legt und hier und da nochmal die Zerhacker-Axt kreisen läßt, das könnt ihr hier anhand von 2 MP3s schon einmal hören: Listening Post: MP3s From The ‘In Rainbows’ Remix Album

Also mein Fall ist das ja eher nicht.


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