“Copy-protection software is bad for everyone”

Damian Kulash jr., Sänger der Band OK Go, welche bei EMI unter Vertrag ist, äußert sich ein einem wirklich lesenswerten Gastkommentar zum jüngsten Sony BMG Kopierschutz-Skandal.
Copy-protection software is bad for everyone, consumers, musicians and labels alike. It’s much better to have copies of albums on lots of iPods, even if only half of them have been paid for, than to have a few CD’s sitting on a shelf and not being played. […] Conscientious fans, who buy music legally because it’s the right thing to do, just get insulted. They’ve made the choice not to steal their music, and the labels thank them by giving them an inferior product hampered by software that’s at best a nuisance, and at worst a security threat.
NY Times: Buy, Play, Trade, Repeat