Kostenloser Albumsampler von Trent Reznor

Ihr solltet heute folgende Seite im Auge behalten: The Null Corporation. Warum? Im Laufe des Tages wird Trent Reznor dort einen Auzug aus dem kommenden “The Social Network” Soundtrack zum Download anbieten. 5 Songs wird dieses kostenlose Angebot beinhalten. Bei “The Social Network” handelt es sich um den neuen Film von David Fincher, zu dem Reznor die Musik beisteuerte.

Releasing a statement, Trent Reznor reflected on life beyond Nine Inch Nails. “This has been an interesting new discipline for me to work in and I’m pleased with the process and the result,” he said. “The film opens October 1 and really turned out great.”

The five song sampler is available for free now via Trent Reznor’s own Null Corporation. Teaming up with Madison Gate Records for the release, the five track sampler comes before the premiere of ‘The Social Network’.

The free giveaway reflects Reznor’s mindset now, with the industrial guru set to keep prices low – the entire album will only cost $2.99 to download. Alongside a digital release, Trent Reznor has confirmed that the soundtrack will be available in physical bundles.


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Foto: Nine Inch Nails Official