Spotify CEO Daniel Ek im Interview

Teil 1 eines wirklich sehr interessanten Interviews mit dem Gründer und Geschäftsführer des Streaminganbieters Spotify im Rahmen der Great Escape Konferenz.

I think music has a value, and I think Spotify as a service definitely recognizes that. On the other hand though it’s not, you know, a question wether music should be free or not, because it already is. It’s out there in the piracy networks. […] It was there because people wanted it to be there. And the fact is, the piracy thing is not happening because people want to be illegal, but it’s happening because that’s the way people want to consume music. They want to dicover new artists, and they’re not prepared to pay 99 Cents per download. They’re definitely willing to do that, if it’s their favorite track or a track that they really like, but to discover new music, they’re definitely not prepared to pay 99 Cents for downloads.

Teil 2 reiche ich nach, sobald ich es finde.

The Music Void – Daniel Ek on MUZU.

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