Teen Ravine – Hall of Horrors

Nick Rose und Dan Griffin kommen aus Toronto und machen unter dem Namen Teen Ravine zusammen Musik. Ihre Debütsingle heißt Hall of Horrors.

Ich mag einfach alles an diesem Song. Die Stimmung, den Groove, die Flöten, die Bläser. Perfekter Indie-Soul-Pop aus dem Schlafzimmer. Das Debütalbum erscheint im Oktober.

“In this song, we tried to capture the disoriented feeling of waking up in the middle of the night and not knowing where you are. Struggling to fall back asleep as your mind wanders to uncomfortable places. Feeling lost and reaching out for someone who’s no longer there.

We live in a noisy world and it can be hard to find intimacy and compassion. It’s easy to emotionally detach and drift along aimlessly, a passenger in your own life. We wanted to create music for people to sink into themselves as they float in a warm bath staring down at their own weird naked body.”



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