Und schon wieder: Kann Apple bei 99 Cent bleiben?

Es geht weiter. Diesmal in der New York Times. Sieht ja langsam aber sicher wirklich so aus, als würde das starre Preisschema des iTunes Music Stores bei den nächsten Verhandlungen mit den Plattenfirmen wirklich fallen.
Will Apple’s uniform, 99-cent price point survive? Chatter has recently
focused on renewed pressure from labels to institute a variable pricing
scheme, including a broad increase for more popular downloads. The latest
ripples appeared in a New York Times article over the weekend, potentially
the result of a renewed press campaign from label insiders. Specifically,
the article notes that “Mr. Jobs is now girding for a showdown with at least
two of the four major record companies over the price of songs on the iTunes
service,” and that “A hot new single, for example, could sell for $1.49,
while a golden oldie could go for substantially less than 99 cents.” Apple
faces renewals with record labels beginning early next year.

via: Digital Music News

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