Alohaha – Nausea.

ALOHAHA ist der Name eines neuen Projekts des für einen Grammy nominierten Produzenten Jake Sinclair und der Poetin Lyndsay Thornton. Ihre neue Single “Nausea” ist ein wunderbar entspannter Song mit einer tollen Atmosphäre.

“It was really hard to read Lyndsay’s poem called ‘Nausea,’” said Sinclair. “My motorcycle accident/surgery/addictions, her crippling stomach condition/declining mental health, our decision to see other people after four years of chasing an impossibly long distance fairy tale. It was all there. The poem enacted its name for me. Once i paired it with a hypnotic piece of music, it became the beginning of the darker Side B of the album, and of that point in our lives.” via Paste

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