Bright Eyes – Mariana Trench

Bright Eyes haben den vierten Song aus ihrem bevorstehenden neuen Album Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was vorgestellt, welches am 21. August über Dead Oceans veröffentlicht wird. Mariana Trench heißt die Single, die vor zwei Tagen erschienen ist und das fesselnde Video wurde von Art Camp erstellt:

“The production of the video started at the beginning of quarantine and finished as people came back out of their homes and took to the streets together. In 18 different bedrooms across the world, listening to Bright Eyes, keeping each other company, we got the chance to collaborate on a story about embracing and celebrating change. The animation is composed of 2,200 hand-illustrated ink paintings based on original 3D animation and archival footage. We hope it makes you excited to imagine that everything could be new.”



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