Dead Weather

Von der kleinen Supergroup Dead Weather habt ihr ja sicherlich schon gehört, oder? An den Drums: Jack White (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs). Gesang: Alison Mosshart (The Kills). Gitarre: Dean Fertita (Queens Of The Stone Age). Bass: Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs). Entstanden ist diese Konstellation wohl eher durch Zufall:

“The Raconteurs and the Kills were on tour together and at the end of it, I lost my voice and actually slipped a disc in my neck and I couldn’t sing,” White, who mainly handles drums in the group, tells Spinner. “We asked Alison if she could sing my songs at the end of the set and she did, so we started all performing onstage together. We had one day left in Nashville and we said ‘Let’s do a 7″ together, just do something,’ and we ended up writing songs and becoming a full-on band.” (Spinner)

Das Ergebnis wird in Form des Albums “Horehound” am 10. Juli veröffentlicht. Wie das klingen wird? Nun, einen Eindruck bekommt ihr in diesem Video, live in der Conan O’Brien Show:


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