“Dearest Industry”

Unbedingt lesenswert ist ein offener Brief von Glenn McDonald’s an die Musikindustrie. Ein Musikliebhaber, welcher laut eigenen Aussagen in der Vergangenheit bis zu 1000 CDs im Jahr gekauft hat. Aber obwohl er jahrelang ein Verfechter von Urheberrechten war, hat er jetzt einige Songs gestohlen. Und er begründet jedes einzelne Delikt. Hier ein paar Auszüge:

” You should have people following me around with piles of CDs in their arms, trying to help me learn what I love, instead of all these security guards wearing ear-plugs and standing by the exits.”

” But you don’t believe in your music. Most of the time you don’t even know what it is.”

“For the price you ask for concerts, you should throw in CDs. For the price you ask for DVDs, you should include the audio files.”

“But know, in the end, that you created this crisis. You had decades of control, and you spent it on complacency and greed, and so evolved this inevitable rebellion. You took everything you thought you could get away with, and now you are wheezy robber barons begging the government to protect your dwindling hoards.”

Dearest Industry