Kostenloser Sampler: Harvest Records Mixtape No. 2

Harvest Records ist ein amerikanisches Indie-Label in Hollywood, welches sich zum Beispiel um die Belange von BANKS, Glass Animals, Best Coast, Matt and Kim oder auch The Libertines kümmert.

Harvest is dedicated to true artist development, with a diverse roster, spanning all genres of music, from every corner of the globe. We hope you enjoy and discover some new music that you love as much as we do.

Das Mixtape Nummer 2 kannst du dir kostenlos herunterladen.

Harvest Records Mixtape No. 2


  1. Toes By Glass Animals
  2. In My Eyes By Best Coast
  3. Hands Down By The Greeting Committee
  4. Hey Now By Matt and Kim
  5. Brother By The Mispers
  6. Good Girl By Aquilo
  7. You Should Know Where I’m Coming From By BANKS
  8. American Appetite By Harriet
  9. Gunga Din By The Libertines
  10. Every Time You Walk Away By D.A. Wallach
  11. On & On By Charlotte OC
  12. Waiting By Aquilo
  13. L13Lately By Lera Lynn


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