links for 2010-11-15

  • Here, Max Bloom (guitar) and Daniel Blumberg (vocals) curate a special downloadable mix-tape in which track-by-track they take us on a tour of their current musical crushes. Whether they’re revealing their introspective side with a choice cut from Red House Painters, classic case studies of dysfunctional pop with classics from Wilco and Grandaddy or bigging up fellow up and coming British talent A Grave With No Name – there’s something for everyone here. Special thanks goes out to the band for the fantastic artwork they created especially for this mix.
  • If I were to define it myself, an indie artist is an unsigned artist, plain and simple. There are so many nuances, but if I had to define it quickly, that’s what I would say, although everyone has their own interpretation which is totally valid, as I documented in the film.


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