Links vom 03.10.2008

  • Consumer or Music Lover: You Decide
    What Howard Moskowitz and Trent Reznor have in common is their understanding of the need for multiple varieties as well as the notion that a fan can't desire what does not yet exist. With the Major Labels recent introduction of pre-loaded SanDisk microSD cards, it makes you wonder, between Trent Reznor and The Major Labels…Who is surveying the music consumer and who is surveying the music lover?
  • Why The Online Music Industry Should Move To a Rev-Share Model
    “Moving to a revenue-sharing model makes a lot more economic sense. That way digital music sales has more breathing room to establish itself, and the artists will be able to grow with the industry. Eight percent of a bigger pie is better than nine percent of a smaller one. Rather than focus on how much each publisher gets per track, the Copyright Royalty Board should try to maximize the total amount of fees that publishers will get. A rev-share model is the way to go.”


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