Mi Mye – Determan The Extent

Mi Mye kommen aus Wakefield in Großbritannien. Frontmann Jamie Lockhart startete dieses Projekt allerdings schon Anfang des Jahrtausends in Skerray in Schottland, bevor er übersiedelte und sich ein paar Mitstreiter suchte.

In den letzten Jahren haben Mi Mye eine Menge EPs, Singles und Alben veröffentlicht. Ich bin gerade durch Zufall über die Band gestolpert und war von ihrem Song Determan The Extent angetan.

Er stammt vom kommenden Album The Sympathy Sigh (toller Albumtitel!). Jamie Lockhart sagt über den Song:

“There’s a film which was made in Wakefield in 1963 called This Sporting Life. It’s a hard, horrible film about abuse and defending it. Our good friends from Wakefield The Cribs based a lot of their album “Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever” on this film.

During my divorce I would look for help groups to be involved with around Wakefield. One of them was an anger management group. Eventually I got asked to leave as I wasn’t angry enough, but I just loved sitting in a circle and talking with people I didn’t know, it felt like I was in a film of some kind.

However, I did actually learn lots of amazing things about myself and other people too and I would suggest that it’s something you should all do – get divorced once and join an anger management group. The self help book you had to read was called Be Safe and that’s also the title of one of the best Cribs songs ever.

I wanted to call this track the same name and The Cribs were totally fine with that but in the end we thought it would be too strange to have two songs by Wakefield bands about the same thing with the same name, so the first question in the book was “determine the extent” so I just mispelt it and called the track that.”

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