MP3-Compilation: “Come Tomorrow” von Blue Orange Records

come tommorowHeute morgen in meinem Postfach: “We are Victor & Anita from the San Francisco label Blue Orange Records and after checking out your site, we thought you might be interested in our new compilation, Come Tomorrow. Come Tomorrow is our first electro indie pop compilation comprised of 11 songs from 11 different artists from all over the globe. It is available now from our website at ( for free download. A bit of background on the project–we spent 2007 and early 2008 listening to music from all over the world to find the best new electro indie pop sounds. What we found is what you will hear on Come Tomorrow, our first freely distributed compilation bringing you the worlds best artists you haven’t heard of yet. This compilation is available thanks to the Creative Commons License.”

Sehr durchwachsene Compilation, allgemein aber hörenswert. Meine Tipps: My Awesome Mixtape, C-60, Single, Clovis. Die komplette Compilation kommt inklusive Cover und den 11 MP3s in 160 kb/s in einer ZIP-Datei.

Blue Orange Records: Come Tommorow


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