Plattenlabel bucht Werbung bei Torrent-Portal

Einen ungewöhnlichen aber wie ich finde gar nicht abwegigen Weg geht das kleine Indie-Label Honor Roll Music. Für das aktuelle Album der relativ unbekannten Band Awesome New Republic schaltete sie Werbung auf dem Torrent-Portal isoHunt, und erhofft sich dadurch einen gesteigerten Bekanntheitsgrad.

“In order to get the word out, the label booked a monthly banner advertisement campaign on isoHunt, and linked that to a torrent file of the album that everyone can download for free. By doing so they hope to get people excited about their music and eventually build a strong fanbase. As far as we know, we are the first record label/band to advertise directly on a torrent search engine,” Colin Foord, the creative brain behind the campaign told TorrentFreak. “We are sponsoring isoHunt with a banner that links directly to our homepage where the album can be downloaded for free.

In a music industry that is changing quickly, Honor Roll Music recognizes that torrent sites such as isoHunt should not be vilified, but turned into partners instead in order to reach millions of music fans eager to discover and download new music. BitTorrent sites have proven to be a stepping stone for developing artists, rather than a threat.”

TorrentFreak: Record Label Sponsors BitTorrent Site isoHunt

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