Soft People – Berenstein (Videopremiere)

Vor ein paar Tagen erschien American Men, das Debütalbum von Soft People. Hinter diesem flauschigen Namen stecken die beiden Musiker Caleb Nichols und John Metz.

Nichols beschreibt die Musik der Soft People als “early Midlake having a baby with Broadcast and Clinic and Deerhoof and Boards of Canada”.

Das kann ich so stehenlassen. Mich hat Berenstein, dessen Video ich dir heute exklusiv präsentiere, mit seiner Atmosphäre sofort gepackt. Ganz starker Song!

Über den Song sagt Nichols: “The song is one of two really personal tracks on the album, and is about longing for a utopian past that probably never existed but feels real anyway, like a film. The feeling I’m trying to get to is similar, perhaps to Anemoia, in that even our past is something we’ve only experienced as a pang of longing from the present. The only image I’ll discuss at all is the projection of Edward Munch’s excellent print “Towards The Forest II”.

I created a gif of the print from several different versions, and then we were able to project it on the screen, which I thought looked really beautiful. John and I saw this work in person at the Neue Gallerie in the New York in 2016 as part of an exhibition on Munch’s printmaking that actually made me cry. I’m not sure what it is about this particular print, but it struck a very primal chord in me, and “Berenstein” is inspired very much by that image, as is the track “Baby” on our record, which immediately follows.”

Und das Beste (wie immer) zum Schluß: du kannst dir das komplette Debütalbum American Men zum frei wählbaren Preis bei Bandcamp herunterladen!


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