Spotify & Co: Fluch oder Segen? Heute mit Beliefs.

In response to the question on the world of streaming, I can only answer as a consumer and not as a band. I’m afraid we’re too new in terms of releases to really be able to tell what’s profitable and not. I can tell you that the music industry has taken an obvious shift. Bands used to go on tour to promote a record in which then they’d sell lots and lots of to make money and now it’s almost the opposite. Bands make records in which they’re proud of and it becomes almost like an excuse to tour and make money through playing.

Music at this point is freeMusic at this point is free, people view it as free, you can listen to it for free and likely download it for free before it even hits it’s release date. I don’t think having streaming programs will make much of a difference, in fact, it may help in some ways because now everyone is flocking to a legitimate source rather than downloading things for free. People who bought records will always buy records. Streaming is just another way to get people to listen.

[lightgrey_box]Dies ist der dritte Teil einer kleinen Reihe, in der ich Musiker zu ihrer Sicht der Dinge befrage. Ob es sich dabei um einen ausführlicher Artikel, eine kurzes Statement, ein Audiofile, ein Video oder gar einen Song handelt – das Format und die Länge sind nebensächlich, die Meinung nicht. Warum ich das mache? Ich finde es wichtig, das wir alle über die Auswirkungen des Streaming nachdenken, bevor es zu spät ist. Für wen oder was auch immer. [/lightgrey_box]

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