Typhoon – “The Honest Truth”   It would be easy to start wi


Typhoon – “The Honest Truth”


It would be easy to start with the orchestral aspect with Portland’s Typhoon, but I am most impressed with their inventive songwriting abilities.  Like OEB favorite Lost in the Trees, Typhoon constructs songs in classical, folk and rock forms.  These sounds come together into something that is unique and cohesive, a moving energy that goes right for the heartstrings.  Above that, Typhoon is all about orchestration, augmenting a standard folk rock lineup with strings, horns and any other instrument they can fit on the stage at the time.  This collective energy could draw some positive comparisons to The Arcade Fire, especially in how they build into some epic post-choruses like on “The Honest Truth”.  They had a really strong run through SXSW last year, so I expect the buzz will continue through 2012.

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