The Liminanas: schwarz-weißes Cartoon-Video zu “Trois Bancs”

The Limiñanas bestehen aus Marie (drums/vocals) und Lionel (guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals). Die Künstler mit Wurzeln im südfranzösischen Perpignan übertreten immer wieder Genregrenzen zwischen Psych, Shoegaze und Yéýe – ein Genre der französischen und portugiesischen Popmusik der 1960er Jahre.

Der Song Trois Bancs stammt vom fantastischen Album Shadow People. Sänger Lionel weiß folgendes zu berichten:

The ‘Trois Bancs’ (Three Benches) of this song are those from a French school in the 80s. With all the cliques from that period : the mods, the skins, the punks, the rude boys. It’s a trip. We don’t really know what happens to the main character. He’s probably dreaming. He comes across all the other characters of the story through a lysergic prism. He finds himself in a series of familiar situations, in which he meets all the important people in his life. The video by Sylvain Rusque tells that story. He’s done a huge, meticulous and highly dedicated work. I gave him very few information, only certain elements about the story and the people in it. We were very impressed when he showed us the film and so we’re very proud to release it today.” 


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