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The National: zwei neue Songs in Liveversionen

Foto: mucow

Yeah, meine Leblinge von The National mit zwei neuen Songs. In ihrem Set während des Benefizkonzerts “Dark Was The Night” in der Radio City spielten sie die beiden neuen Songs “Vanderlylle Cry Baby” und “England”. Was soll ich sagen? Wunderbar.

“The Dessner brothers of The National were in large part responsible for the amazing Dark Was The Night benefit concert on Sunday night at Radio City. The band’s brief four-song set took place in the first half of the show, but members of The National participated throughout. Included as a bonus track is the National/Bon Iver collaboration, “Big Red Machine”. The crowd was treated to two new National numbers during their set, each a powerful song that exhibit the band’s evolution towards a much anticipated follow-up to perhaps one of the strongest albums of the decade, Boxer.” (nyctaper)

The National – “Vanderlylle Cry Baby”
The National – “England”

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