Tropical Fuck Storm – You Let My Tyres Down

Ich sitze nicht oft so vor dem Rechner wie im Moment. Fasziniert und irritiert starre ich auf dieses Video von Tropical Fuck Storm. Die Musik klingt nach drückendem 70s-Rock und erinnert stimmlich an Nick Cave. Das BIldmaterial ist ein wilder Mix aus Essensschlacht, Bootsfahrt und Ritterschlacht samt aufgespießtem Kopf.

Hinter dem Namen Tropical Fuck Storm steckt eine Art australischer Supergroup, bestehend aus Gareth Liddiard und Fiona Kitschin (The Drones), Lauren Hammel (High Tension) und Erica Dunn (Harmony/Palm Springs).

Wie gesagt: faszinierend.

Bebe’s in remand right now
And she’ll be there for a while
For the wounding of a rent a cop
And a ram raid in Sunshine
She’s right there on CCTV
Forgetting to take her medication
But Ruby says her lawyer will get
The best deal that they can make her
But then I grew up around her family
And they were such a bunch of losers
Anchored only to each other
On a sea of vodka cruisers
She could say anything
At anytime
So any mention of plea bargains
Is making everybody feel uptight

You let my tyres down
I’d give you anything at any time
But you let my tyres down

I picked her car up from the depot
I had my lunch at China Rose
And then I snorted half a gram of
Australia’s finest home made coke

And a child was mauled by bull ants
Outside the Highpoint Shopping Centre
While a Toorak tractor benefact
Bit down on her placenta
And an army surplus loner
Combed the outskirts of parole
But it’s raining in Victoria
So that shit’s under control

You let my tyres down
I’d give you anything at any time
But you let my tyres down



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