WARP Records: Steve Beckett im Interview

Neben Rob Mitchell ist Steve Beckett der wichtigste Mann beim britischen Label WARP. Und WARP-Records, Heimat von Jamie Lidell, Aphex Twin, Maximo Park, Chris Clark uva. dürfte wohl eines der wichtigsten und einflußreichsten elektronischen Labels der letzen zwanzig Jahre sein. Zum zwanzigjährigen Bestehen interviewte cafébabel den inzwischen 45jährigen Vordenker. Sehr lesenswert.

Did you think that electronic music would evolve as it has done over the past two decades when you first started out?

I’m not sure. Every era lends itself to music, different genres, and I wouldn’t exactly say it was a bad period for electronic music. We are still benefitting from stupefying personalities such as Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, Chris Clark, Bibio and Rustin. As for the progress, I always thought that we would have electronic music everywhere and I was certain that music based on the guitar or other instruments would die out. That just goes to show how wrong you can be if you try and predict the sounds of the future. We don’t know what’s going to happen. We could go back to the 1920s…

Warp records’ Steve Beckett: ‘I was certain guitars would die out and electronic music would be everywhere’