Wolfie’s Just Fine – A New Beginning

Hinter dem tollen Projektnamen Wolfie’s Just Fine steckt der Songwriter Jon Lajoie. Am 8. April erschien sein Debütalbum I Remembered but Then I Forgot.

Wenn du auf folkige Töne und fein gewebten Harmoniegesang stehst, dann ist die Musik von Wolfie’s Just Fine mit Sicherheit etwas für dich.

“I love writing music. There’s never been that big of a difference for me between comedy and ‘serious’ music—it’s always just been writing music,” erklärt Lajoie.

“But I’d spent so long using music to satirize pop culture or comment on the absurdities of every day life. That I couldn’t really remember who I was when I wasn’t making fun of shit. When I finally asked myself that question, all these songs just sort of poured out of me.”

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