Youth Lagoon – I’ve Seen. Ein Abgesang auf die Gesellschaft.

Früher beschrieb ich die Musik von von Trevor Powers als scheppernd, leiernd, quietschig und krachig, aber inzwischen klingt die Musik von Youth Lagoon gereifter. Geblieben ist allerdings die Fähigkeit, aus den Soundflächen wundervolle Melodien herauszuschälen.

Wie zum Beispiel im vorliegenden “I’ve Seen”, einem siebenminütigen Abgesang auf die moderne Gesellschaft, in welcher der Neid und die Selbstdarstellung laut Powers einfach zuviel Raum einnehmen.

Throughout the months I worked on Savage Hills Ballroom, I became possessed by a concept. If we had the ability to accept our blemishes, seeing that it’s our fuck ups & flaws that make us distinct & force us to advance as individuals & as a society, we could start understanding each other. The world swims in judgement. It makes us feel good to think someone else is worse than us. We’re born into this mindset – & much of it is rooted in self-loathing rather than merely learning from our weaknesses. We bury who we really are because we don’t think anyone will accept us. SHB is grounded in satire. It is a microcosm of a perfect society, decorated in gold & elegance to serve as a mockery of how we present ourselves to those around us. I wrote I’ve Seen as a farewell song to this ballroom..just gonna stay a while longer. See you outside.