A. Dyjecinski – Dead Horses

Es kommt eher selten vor, dass ich an die Tür eines Musikers klopfe, um nach einem Interview zu fragen, obwohl ich erst einen Song gehört habe. Aber als sich im Juni letzten Jahres A. Dyjecinski bei mir meldete und ich den Song I’m The Woods hörte, da konnte ich einfach nicht anders und schickte ihm ein paar Fragen.

A. Dyjecinski kommt aus Nanaimo, British Columbia und ist Sänger der Band Dracula Legs. Als Solokünstler veröffentlicht er Ende April sein Debütalbum The Valley of Yessiree, welches er selbst produziert hat. Über den Song sagt Dyjecinski:

“It’s about my grandfather. He was a writer and spent time as a prisoner of war, the focus of his writing. I never meet him and know him only through the novels he left me written in Polish, a language I can’t read. The first verse is through his eyes, speaking of the horrific things he’d seen and been through, the inspiration for his work, thrust upon him, his life.

The second verse is me, making fun of myself and my synthetic experiences, me seeking solitude vs the second world war. My Grandfather’s life in horrible conditions. Mine a construct of existential relativity. The chorus is the lesson he leaves me (unintentionally), the dog inside the house representing loyalty to home and land, domestication, civilization. The horse representing the wild nature of mankind. The realisation that what separates humans and animals is not our ability to reason or make tools, but that we invented an imaginary world, based on fantasy, and we believe it to be true.The balance between the two, the dog and the horse.”



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