Bald keine Audio-CDs mehr? (Nachtrag)

Ok ok, etwas reißerisch der Titel, aber genau diese Zielsetzung scheint Warner Music laut dem Wall Street Journal zu verfolgen.
The music industry has for years struggled to develop a new physical format that could spark increased sales by replacing the CD. Now Warner Music Group Corp. is planning an aggressive attempt to address the issue by pushing consumers to buy their music on specially outfitted DVDs. Warner, the world’s fourth-largest music company, is in the final stages of securing technical licenses that will enable it to sell a bundle of music and extra features on a single DVD, according to people familiar with the matter. The DVD would include a music album that plays in both stereo and surround-sound on a standard DVD player — plus video footage that plays on a DVD player or a computer. There will also be song remixes, ring tones, photos and other digital extras that can be accessed on a computer.Nach den relativ erfolglosen Versuchen von Warner mit der DualDisc nun ein erneuter Vorstoß im Tonträgermarkt. Sicherlich nehmen die Verkäufe der CDs kontinuierlich ab, aber ob das der richtige Schritt ist?

WSJ.com: Music You Can See: Warner Plans to Sell Albums on DVDs

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Nachtrag: Es war ja eigentlich klar, das das geplante DVD-Album mit einem DRM-System versehen sein wird. Außerdem könnte es eine wie auch immer geartete Kooperarion mit Apple geben. Vermutet werden in die DVD integrierte Songs im AAC-Format.
Warner Music Group is now readying a slate of DVD-based album releases, complete with audio and video extras, ringtones, and other bonus material. The label is in the “final stages of securing technical licenses” related to the effort, according to a Friday report in the Wall Street Journal. An initial rollout is scheduled for October, and a larger push is planned for next year. The discs will not be playable in standard CD players, and tracks will be protected by a DVD-based DRM architecture. Warner will also allegedly bundle proprietary Apple AAC tracks into the DVDs, though exact usage parameters are unclear at this juncture.via Digital Music News