Controller – Separator. Zick zack auf die Zwölf.

Controller kommen aus New York und legen bei ihrem Song Seperator ein paar flotte Tanzbewegungen aufs Parkett. Ein wenig zappelig kommen sie daher, aber auch extrem fokussiert.

Bored with contemporary rock and dull jobs in marketing, Jonathan Bellinger (vocals), Josh Shabtai (guitar), Brian Dell (bass), Keith Gordon (drums) and Kyle Monson (synths) decided to start writing the kind of rock music they grew up idolizing. What came out were tight, infectious pop songs with hard edges, a world-weary point of view and a wry sense of humor, telling stories of lust, intoxication, and gritty undercurrents coursing through modern life in the city. (Webseite)

Für Fans von: Bloc Party, Killers, The Strokes.