Gratis-Sampler: Kind Of Like A Compilation

Lust auf eine richtig feine Gratis-Compilation? Kind Of Like Records ist so nett und spendiert uns einen Sampler mit 22 Songs, größtenteils voll mit kraftvollen und wütenden Gitarren.

Last, but certainly not least, we’re putting out a free compilation! Little did we know, October is apparently comp month…but we’re gonna throw another at you. We have some awesome bands contributing including The Menzingers, The Measure [SA], The Dopamines, The Riot Before, Red City Radio and so many more- not to mention a few KOLR bands as well. Check out the full track listing below…

1. Captain, We’re Sinking – “Crushed By Milwaukee’s Best
2. O Pioneers!!! – “Hey That’s My Blood!”
3. Bangers – “John Shoe”
4. The Measure [Sa] – “Powerlines”
5. Timeshares – “Woke Up In Grappler School”
6. Nightlights – “Foxhole”
7. The Riot Before – “What I’ve Missed”
8. Rain Over Battle – “Those Punks Are Dancing In The Boneyard”
9. The Great Explainer – “Phrases And Logos”
10. Calvinball – “Tiny Rooms And Broken Tunes”
11. Red City Radio – “Spinning In Circles Is A Gateway Drug”
12. Restorations – “Title Track”
13. The Menzingers – “Time Tables”
14. Ju nior Battles – “Roads? Where We’re Going, We Definitely Need Roads.”
15. The Sandwiches – “It’s Alive (10-4 Eleanor Cover)”
16. The Dopamines – “Dick Simmons”
17. Direct Hit! – “Werewolf Shame”
18. The Tattle Tales – “Anymore Amen”
19. Mixtapes – “I Was A Teenage Poltergeist”
20. Lemuria – “In A World Of Ghosts”
21. Kadets – “Sayonara”
22. Glory Bound – “More Ian Mackaye, Less Ron Jeremy”

Kind Of Like A Comp – Volume One


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