Gratis-Sampler: Kind Of Like A Compilation

Lust auf eine richtig feine Gratis-Compilation? Kind Of Like Records ist so nett und spendiert uns einen Sampler mit 22 Songs, größtenteils voll mit kraftvollen und wütenden Gitarren.

Last, but certainly not least, we’re putting out a free compilation! Little did we know, October is apparently comp month…but we’re gonna throw another at you. We have some awesome bands contributing including The Menzingers, The Measure [SA], The Dopamines, The Riot Before, Red City Radio and so many more- not to mention a few KOLR bands as well. Check out the full track listing below…

1. Captain, We’re Sinking – “Crushed By Milwaukee’s Best
2. O Pioneers!!! – “Hey That’s My Blood!”
3. Bangers – “John Shoe”
4. The Measure [Sa] – “Powerlines”
5. Timeshares – “Woke Up In Grappler School”
6. Nightlights – “Foxhole”
7. The Riot Before – “What I’ve Missed”
8. Rain Over Battle – “Those Punks Are Dancing In The Boneyard”
9. The Great Explainer – “Phrases And Logos”
10. Calvinball – “Tiny Rooms And Broken Tunes”
11. Red City Radio – “Spinning In Circles Is A Gateway Drug”
12. Restorations – “Title Track”
13. The Menzingers – “Time Tables”
14. Ju nior Battles – “Roads? Where We’re Going, We Definitely Need Roads.”
15. The Sandwiches – “It’s Alive (10-4 Eleanor Cover)”
16. The Dopamines – “Dick Simmons”
17. Direct Hit! – “Werewolf Shame”
18. The Tattle Tales – “Anymore Amen”
19. Mixtapes – “I Was A Teenage Poltergeist”
20. Lemuria – “In A World Of Ghosts”
21. Kadets – “Sayonara”
22. Glory Bound – “More Ian Mackaye, Less Ron Jeremy”

Kind Of Like A Comp – Volume One


  1. Hey ho, die Trackliste ist einfach spitze. Hab sie mir kurz im Internet durch angehört. Super Klasse!

  2. Die Trackliste hört sich ja gut an. Werde das auch gleich meinem Freund weiterempfehlen. Danke.

  3. Lohnt sich! RT @nicorola: Gratis-Sampler: Kind Of Like A Compilation

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