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Hypebot: “The Death of the CD-Release Complex”

Sehr lesenswerter Artikel zum Veröffentllichungsvorgang einer CD und warum dieser in den heutigen Zeiten nicht mehr funktioniert.

“Three months before release, reps sent the single to radio stations for promotion. If the record label needed big hit that quarter, favors were exchanged with Disc Jockeys to guarantee extra rotation. Shortly after, they over spent on a music video and shipped it off to MTV. About a couple phone calls and a few more ‘personal favors’ later, elaborate press kits were sent to big media outlets and select music publications. Even though no one had even heard the album, it arrived under the assumption that a favorable review would be given. Meanwhile, a huge marketing push, consisting of guest appearances and interviews would build anticipation and prepare the album for its Tuesday release. […]

Contrary to popular belief, the CD isn’t dead. What’s fundamentally changed is the way that we think about how to build sustainable careers and promoting music. For aspiring artists, the question used to be, how do I get on radio, a video on MTV, or a write up in The Rolling Stone? The answer was simple, but the pursuit to actually get signed to a major label wasn’t. Today, the question is: How do I get on that person’s iPod? The problem is that if individual relies on the Internet to find and listen to new music then record labels can’t use multi-million dollar marketing campaigns to help you answer that question.”

The Death of the CD-Release Complex – Teil 1
The Death of the CD-Release Complex – Teil 2