Interview mit Wolf Parade

Drüben bei Pitchfork gibt es interessantes Interview mit Wolf Parade, einer sehr guten Indie-Band aus Montreal/Kanada. Wer noch nie etwas von ihnen gehört hat, hier gibt es den Song “Shine A Light” als MP3. Nach dem Hören versteht man sicherlich auch folgene Frage besser:
Pitchfork: There’s been a lot of critical shorthand fixating on Modest Mouse.
Arlen: Well, yeah– and the Arcade Fire. It seems a little weird because I was never a huge fan of Modest Mouse. I never really started listening to them until we toured with them. They were probably one of Hadji’s favorite bands for years. But, I think it’s just that Modest Mouse has been hugely successful so it’s kind of easy to drop their name in when being compared to us, like any band with kinda weird guitars and off-kilter vocals. So, yeah, Modest Mouse is the band that resonates in most people’s heads.
Interview: Wolf Parade