Livemitschnitt: Nada Surf

nada surf

Wunderbarer, knapp halbstündiger Mitschnitt eines kleinen Konzerts für den Radiosender KEXP.

The New York trio continues to prove that their former major label’s loss is everyone else’s gain with “Lucky,” yet another solid release for Barsuk. In this, their most recent performance for KEXP, live from the Bumbershoot Music Lounge, Matthew Caws and Ira Elliot are joined by Jose Galvez on bass, replacing an injured Daniel Lorca, for another set of blissful pop. Recorded on 8/30/2008 – 7 songs: Ice On The Wing, Whose Authority, Weightless, Secret, Amateur, Concrete Bed, See These Bones.

Nada Surf (Live at Bumbershoot)

Foto: Hanson


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