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Lykke Li live im schwedischen Fernsehen

Lykke Li, die Indiepop-Lady aus Schweden, spielte vor Kurzem eine kleine Show in Stockholm. Die schwedische TV-Sendung Klubbland war mit ihren Kameras dabei.

“We caught her and the band live on a mini tour made late last year. A tour that was done to test the songs on a smaller crowd and glue the band tighter together. We loved the idea, and we understood early on that the small sweaty Kägelbanan in her hometown Stockholm was the ideal place to record the band. In front of her father, friends and a lot of fans they were dying to play her new songs, and they nailed it. The place was sold out, filled to the brim and boiling with admiration from the start, and we got the whole thing on tape.”

Mitgefilmt wurden zwei Songs vom kommenden Album “Wounded Rhymes” und der alte Gassenhauer “Dance, Dance, Dance” von ihrem Debüt “Youth Novels”.

Dance, Dance, Dance


I Follow Rivers


Get Some


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