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MySpace Music ist gestartet! Sollte es zumindest….

Es ist soweit. Nach wer weiß wie vielen Aufschüben soll es heute Nacht soweit gewesen sein. Ein heimlicher Start um Mitternacht. Leider wird man als deutscher Nutzer ja immer umgeleitet, deswegen hier nur eine Zweitverwertung eines WIRED-Artikels:
MySpace Music, slated for a midnight launch on Wednesday night with a greatly increased catalog of songs from all four of the world’s major labels, will allow users to stream songs on-demand, import them into an infinite number of playlists for free in return for encountering advertisements, and purchase them from Amazon’s MP3 store without leaving the site. […]
Starting in a few hours, MySpace members will be able to create an infinite number of playlists, each containing up to 100 songs. In addition, any song in the entire catalog will be searchable by song, artist and album, as opposed to the current set-up that requires visits to band pages in order to add songs to playlists. Members will be able to follow their MySpace friends’ latest playlists through a simple news feed interface. […]
If you choose to download a track, everything happens on MySpace — no visit to the Amazon site is required if you’re already logged in to Amazon. Songs download normally through the browser, or users can install Amazon’s download helper application and have songs automatically imported into iTunes or Windows Media Player.

MySpace Launches Interactive Music Service with Labels, Amazon