Neuer Song von Blood Red Shoes – God Complex

Wow, die Blood Red Shoes sind zurück! Und wie. Die neue Single God Complex ist ein melodiöses Riff-Monster.

Kommt da auch ein neues Album? Ich weiß es nicht, und es ist mir gerade ziemlich egal, denn ich bin erst einmal begeistert von dieser Single.

I haven’t seen you for months again
and it feels like a couple of years
And everything you said
is just running through my head
like a cooped up animal

Aggressive fires on every tyre
that drives straight to your feet
Yeah you chucked me in the back
All tied up in a sack
But the solitude suits me

You left me high and you left me dry
then you fed me to the wolves
There’s something to be said
to be woken from the dead
separate the flies from fools

Did you get tired from making lies up
or is it who you are?
You’d fallen through the cracks
throwing out your god complex
but you won’t get very far

Oh you’re never gonna make me cry.



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