Otherkin – Yeah, I Know

Bei den vier jungen Männern hinter Otherkin handelt es sich um David Anthony, Luke Reilly, Rob Summons und Conor Andrew Wynne aus Dublin.

Yeah, I Know ist die neue Single aus der bald erscheinenden neuen EP The New Vice. Einen anderen Song aus der EP habe ich dir bereits vorgestellt: I Was Born.

“You know what a vice is? They’re things that certain people would consider immoral or ‘bad’. Drugs, sex, cigarettes, lying through your teeth, the usual. They’re bad habits.

Habits that form because they feel really good. They’re things that you pick up and play with for a while and then leave down, but not for long. You always end up coming back for one more hit, for one more spin of the wheel. Otherkin are the New Vice” – Otherkin



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