POST​-​TRASH: Vol. I – kostenloser Sampler

Wenn ich das richtig sehe, wurde die Seite Post-Trash von den Machern des Labels Exploding In Sounds Records erstellt, um deren Veröffentlichungen zu präsentieren und zu besprechen. Das ist für dich jetzt eher nebensächlich, ich weiß. Aber der Sampler, den Post-Trash gerade veröffentlicht hat, der ist ziemlich interessant.

Über 50 Songs aus den unterschiedlichsten Genres mit ein paar alten Bekannten wie Eskimeaux, Soft Fangs oder Cold Sweats. Den Sampler kannst du dir zu einem frei wählbaren Preis bei Bandcamp herunterladen.

DOWNLOAD: POST​-​TRASH: Vol. I is thrilled to present Post-Trash Vol. I, the first of in our expansive promotional compilation series. Highlighting the best of independent rock music, Post-Trash Vol. I pulls from a wide range of sounds and styles, presenting everything from lo-fi bedroom pop and anti-folk to blistering hardcore and experimental punk. There’s something for everyone and everything for someone. Packed with 50 of the year’s “artists you should know,” the compilation offers both exclusive new music, unreleased demos, and albums cuts from some of the year’s absolute best releases. Sometimes you need to dig a bit deeper, for that we bring you Post-Trash.

The compilation can be downloaded in full on a “name your price” scale. All proceeds raised from the sale of Post-Trash Vol. I will be donated to Planned Parenthood. As the essential women’s health organization continues to face new challenges with every passing week, we hope to raise some money to contribute to their cause. By spreading awareness, we can share great music while supporting a great cause.


  1. Beauty Pill – Exit Without Saving
  2. Helvetia – YesYes
  3. Operator – EE UNSH
  4. Eskimeaux – Act Like A Piece Of Shit
  5. Celestial Shore – Hang On Pal (Gravesend demo)
  6. Melkbelly – Bathroom at the Beach
  7. Gunk – Stay Personable
  8. Baby Mollusk – Hoarder
  9. Stove – Pissoff (demo)
  10. Woozy – Another Way Out
  11. Spencer Radcliffe – Mermaid
  12. Anna McClellan – Pull The Pin
  13. Blacklisters – Something In The Wayne
  14. Washer – Figure Me Out
  15. Sadie Dupuis – Deady (demo 2011)
  16. Bueno – Eye On The Cards
  17. WALL – Fit The Part
  18. EARRING – Black Chalk
  19. Big Neck Police – A Gringo Like Me
  20. Christian Fitness – Love Letters In The Age Of Steam
  21. Lushes – Low Hanging Fruit
  22. Palm – Child Actor 03:08
  23. Very Fresh – Schedule IV (Demo)
  24. Astral Swans – Please Don’t Leave Me Strange
  25. Horse Jumper of Love – Nature (demo)
  26. Pile – Yellow Room (piano demo)
  27. Eugene Quell – Song For Marla And Lucas
  28. Anchor 3 – Web
  29. Psychic Blood – Devil Dreamin’
  30. The Spirit of The Beehive – Natural Devotion
  31. Jackal Onasis – Runty Little Puppy
  32. Ex-Breathers – Open Source
  33. Yautja – Of Lament
  34. Dead Tenants – Culture Creeps
  35. Night Witch – Bridges
  36. Cold Sweats – The Business 02:33
  37. Painted Zeros – Palm Tree 02:35
  38. Palehound – Abraham And His New Healthy Food (demo)
  39. Mattress Financial – Picking Up The Option (demo)
  40. Princess Reason – Drag + Blur 0
  41. Yazan – Ha Ha Ha (demo)
  42. Patio – Air Japan
  43. Naps – Valentine
  44. Weaves – Take a Dip
  45. Peaer – Doing Yr Job (Live at Bard)
  46. Vundabar – Smile Boyo
  47. Warehouse – Euphrates
  48. Thomas Quinttus – Swim in Sweat
  49. Fern Mayo – Chomping At The Bit
  50. Soft Fangs – Apple Picking
  51. Planet B – Join A Cult
  52. Hot Nerds – Room One Flatulator
  53. Cop – Headhunting


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