Toller Blog aus Berlin: We love that sound ♥

Ich war auf der Suche nach ein paar Hintergrundinfos zu Decorations, weil ich den Song Promise ziemlich gut finde, da stolperte ich über einen mir unbekannten Musikblog: We love that.

“We love that ist ein unabhängiger Musik-Blog aus Berlin. Uns geht es nicht darum, zu urteilen, Rezensionen zu schreiben oder irgendjemanden ans Bein zu pinkeln …

Wir möchten teilen, was uns gefällt, was wir hören, was wir noch einmal hören, was wir mitsingen, was wir interessant finden, was wir schräg finden, wonach wir tanzen, ausrasten, pfeifen und auf was wir uns demnächst freuen können.

Wir bieten Spaß an der Musik – Playlisten, Songs, kleine Geschichten, Videos und Empfehlungen. Wir entdecken Musik neu, für euch, für uns, mit euch.”

Das klingt großartig, und das ist auch großartig umgesetzt. Ich weiß zwar nicht, wie ich Thomas, Robert und Marcel bisher übersehen konnte, aber sei’s drum. Also: ab zu We love that, tolle Musik hören und ihre Seite auf Facebook liken.

She Drew The Gun – Poem

Leiser, aber intensiver Protestsong

Und hier gleich die erste Entdeckung auf We love that: Poem von She Drew The Gun.

“Selten haben wir uns so verstanden und verbunden gefühlt. SHE DREW THE GUN haben mit POEM den Nagel auf den Kopf getroffen. Mit dem Song halten sie der Gesellschaft den Spiegel vor.”

Ein leiser und spröder, aber inhaltlich intensiver Song.

Can’t believe what I’m reading when I open up these sheets
they’ve got police getting busier, cleaning up the streets
‘Cos that’s what we need now to make the place neat
take the homeless mans rags,no sleeping bags no place to sleep
Because we’re far too civilised around here to see
an unkempt human being, a broken human being
open up your eyes are you seeing what I’m seeing, yeah
a misplaced made to feel disgraced human being
what it’s not enough to just pretend that you don’t see him
you can’t stand the sight so you’ve got to dissapear him
well I hope you feel more comfortable doing your sight seeing
taking pictures, buying fucking Union Jack magnets and keyrings

Life give me something to believe in
No lies, just something to believe in
Am I the only one that’s grieving
these things that belong to me that they are thieving

And how long until they build a wall and call it a private city
they got walls made out of laws to exclude you and me
Now they take away our right, to fight those laws for free
no legal aid, no more justice, only for the wealthy
Oh but they’re trying to build a more healthy society
So that everybody knows you don’t get nothin’ for free
No scroungers, no living room loungers, living off me
Can I suggest you’re seeing exactly what they want you to see
a monster, cancer, threat to your liberty
How ’bout a scapegoat for their crimes, a victim of the times
everything that your not meant to be
How ’bout a badly prepared, scared human being
how about a necessary cog in their economic machines

If their was no unemployment tell me how would things be
would you still feel lucky to be working 40 hours a week
Well like a caged bird and they got us by the beak
give us enough to eat, enough to sleep, enough to tweet
but there’s not enough space between the ground and our feet
we’re singing songs of freedom but we’re not flying free

Life give me something to believe in
No lies, just something to believe in
Am I the only one that’s grieving
these things that belong to me that they are thieving
It’s time for something to believe in
I’m tired, need something to believe in
Am I the only one that’s grieving
these things that belong to me that they are thieving

And this whole world’s got me hurting
got me feeling undeserving
got me questioning my worth in this sad system that we’re serving
found no place in this twisted race for property
is making profit the sole aim of humanity
Protect the banks, bring out the tanks if they disagree
while we’re at it let’s invest some more in military
All our friends have shares so why shouldn’t we
And now the markets are demanding that we give away for free
everything that our grandparents fought for to some company
It’s called wealth creation, yeah, it’s more efficient you see
Well sorry I forgot the free market would set us free
I forgot to only think about I am and me
while brothers and sisters have nothing to eat
brothers and sisters, at home and over seas
So I can’t lie down and I wont let it be
While we are working for a market that doesn’t work for we

These things that they’re thieving, yours and mine
I know that they’re still stealing, but there’s still time
if you feel this way too


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  1. Und We love that sound hab ich mir gleich mal in den Feedreader gepackt. Danke für den Tipp!

    1. Gerne! 🙂

  2. Tolle Band! Auch die Songs vom letzten Jahr sind super:

    Die gehen auf der Insel dieses Jahr noch durch die Decke, wetten?

    1. Könnte ich mir zumindest gut vorstellen.

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