Victoria+Jean – Imbecile (feat. Romain Humeau)

Das schwedisch-belgische Duo Victoria+Jean habe ich in den letzten Monaten eher stiefmütterlich behandelt. Das wird sich aber in Zukunft ändern, denn vor ein paar Minuten hörte ich die aktuelle Single Imbecile, einen wundervoll brodelnden und bedrohlichen Popsong.

“After the release of the 1st album, we found ourselves covered in debts and lost our home. We were left on our own, and were much disappointed by humans and by some of our close friends reactions. And it’s at those moments you know whom are the friends you can trust on, and those you can’t. ‘Imbecile’ came to us as a result of what are the real faces of some people, just to be truthful and to say “you know I’m not an imbecile I know what you are thinking”. Or just to say – you’re a bloody f***ing imbecile!”

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