Video: The Wave Pictures – “Little Surprise”

Hach, die Wave Pictures. Die wollen doch auch nur spielen. Spaß haben. Musik machen. Ein neues Album ist im Kasten, welches laut Amazon am 6. Mai erscheint.

Sänger David Tattersal zu den Aufnahmen: “We’d been enjoying playing together live more than ever on recent tours and simply wanted to record the band the way it sounds these days. When you do things live, you obviously sacrifice perfection in the hope that instead you will capture these kind of strange and glorious spontaneous moments that musicians create together, that no one could do on their own, and that you can only get with live performance. It was probably the happiest record experience we have ever had.” (via)

The Wave Pictures – Little Surprise (official video) from Josh Wroe on Vimeo.


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