‘We just want to soundtrack David Lynch’s dreams’. Wolf Prize – Come Home.

Tori Roggeman, Marisa DeMeglio und nd Amber Elliot stammen aus Los Angeles und machen unter dem Namen Wolf Prize zusammen Musik. Ihr aktueller Song “Come Home” erinnert stark an The XX, ist aber eigenständig genug, um nicht nur als bloßes Plagiat wahrgenommen zu werden. Dafür sind die selbstgenannten Einflüsse dann doch zu stark: Portishead, Led Zeppelin und Justin Vernon gehören zu den Vorbildern.

Das sagen die drei Musikerinnen von Wolf Prize selber:

“Come Home” was recorded live in the studio in one take. The three of us like complex musical arrangements but ultimately our music is governed by emotion, both in how we feel as we’re making the song, and also in what we want the experience to be for the listener. We’re building the box in which the listener can place their feelings into. We want to be sonically rich, yet minimal. Come Home is an example of how we create a sonically rich space with very few layers. It reflects us as a band: every instrument carries weight, compositionally. Nothing gets buried.

Ultimately, we just want to soundtrack David Lynch’s dreams.

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via Stereogum