Bambara – José Tries To Leave

Barbara? Nein, Bambara! Ein richtig tolles Trio aus Brooklyn. Die erste Single José Tries To Leave aus dem kommenden dritten Album bietet brodelnde Basslines, treibende Rhythmen, kristalline Gitarren und intensiven Gesang.

Das Stück hat mich von der ersten Sekunde an gepackt, auch weil es weniger durch Struktur, sonder viel eher durch Dramatik überzeugt.

Das Album Shadow On Everything erscheint am 6. April via Wharf Cat Records.

Night’s changing
Spiders seem to levitate in headlight
While deer hide dumb in the bushes
And three snakes hang from the branches of a small tree
In front of her house where he’s climbing out of her room

José looks back through the window
She’s tangled up in the sheets and she’s smiling sweet
Talking softly in her sleep
He hops down to the driveway
Stumbles to his car parked down the street
And he turns the key

The church looms on the horizon
Like the dried up husk of some ancient bug
Legs scratching at the rising sun
Inside he gathers his things
‘Round the scattered bodies of his passed out friends
In a drunken spin

Jimmy yawns and says, “Hey what’s goin on?”
“Shadows just seem darker these days.” Says José
“Anyway, I’m gonna catch a train.”

José waits by the tracks
Sunrise puts a squint in his eyes
And it seems like there’s
So many little creatures scurrying around that he can’t see
The train comes and he starts running
He jumps for it and he slips

She wakes up and she sees his gone
Just like she expected
But she hoped she’d be wrong
Thought this morning
She could try it on top
“Never get old where you were young.”
He said while she was nodding off
He’s kind of strange she thinks
Yeah but so is love
The kids in the church start to stir,
As light pours in through the holes in the walls,
Wondering if José is gone
“No one ever really leaves.”
Jimmy says through a cloud of smoke
“Where would he go anyway?”
The sun is up and the birds are pecking
Pecking at something lying in the dirt

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