Keaton Henson: neuer Song ‘Alright’ vom dritten Album

Ui, wie toll. Keaton Henson bringt im September ein neues Album heraus. Kindly Now wird es heißen. Hier ist der erste, wie immer fantastische Vorbote Alright.

“Airing today, ‘Alright’ was written in Los Angeles shortly after the release of Henson’s acclaimed second album, ‘Birthdays’. Struggling with the apparent trade-off of having to put himself on display in order to make the music he loved, ‘Alright’ describes a very English way of grinning through pain (and also the sense that despite your world shifting so quickly, maybe you haven’t changed very much at all).

It’s a stunning introduction to ‘Kindly Now’, a record which simultaneously broadens Keaton’s canvas. More electronic in places, more classical in others – yet also reflects a life-long love of Randy Newman. ‘

Kindly Now’ is ultimately Keaton Henson’s most emotionally stripped-back album thus far. An unheroic and unsettling examination of past loves, the role of the artist, and owning up to your own destruction.”

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