Lust darauf, ein Videostar zu werden?

Wer Lust hat, im nächsten Video der Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Cheated Hearts” mitzuspielen, der hält sich einfach anfolgende Regeln:

1. Send it on a DV Tape
2. Dress The Part
3. Blast the music in the background and play or sing over it.
4. Get lost in the song, make it yours
5. Got guitar? Mic? Drums? Use ‘em! Got no such things? Fake it, use what you got around the house be resourceful yeah!
6. Do as many performances as you need, we will edit it! Try and make them different: Full body, Close-up, medium, from the side, inside, outside etc. Do the Nick, do the Brian, do the Karen O.
7. Important: At least half your performance should be against a white wall or sheet. So do it once in front of a white wall and once anyway you want.
8. Send it to us, do it quickly…you will be bigger than the sound.

Alles weitere steht in diesem Word-Dokument.


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